Skull & Shackles

Well that's over with

And really, it's been a long time coming

So uh… Prescott and I decided we weren’t going to be pirates anymore. What happened was during a ship battle with some Wreckers (shittier pirates (Like moral wise not quality wise)) our wise and honorable captain Fa Zhou had the brilliant idea to ram the enemy ship. It worked out just about as well as you can expect. Most of the crew is dead. Those of us that survived made it back to shore in the dingies. We went to the local tavern immediately and began discussing what to do next. Prescott had the horrible idea for us to go back to Taldor. I told him that was a horrible idea seeing as we’re wanted criminals there. He eventually admitted I was right and we agreed to go with Kerak (The Sarenrae guy) Vess (The zombie guy) and Heathcliff (The new guy) on their crazy new adventure to Ustalav. I tried to convince Sandara to go with us but she was having none of it. Oh well, there’ll be another way to break the bond. Fa Zhou disappeared and Pierce had the common sense to leave as well. The rest (Except maybe Sandara if she had enough sense) went with Edward and his new ship, the demon resurrected version of his old ship. He tried to get us all to come back and made Lotus the captain, but I think it’s safe to say our pirating days are over. Now we’re off on a much more interesting adventure as Prescott and I escort Kerak, Vess, and Heathcliff as they look for their lost friend Ella and try to figure out what the hell is up with Vess.



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