Skull & Shackles

Throwin fists

What is it with these folk on this ship, cheering with glee as they see a handicapped man being battered around? At least the first time I did it, I got some coin out of it. Perhaps next time I’ll be in a tavern fight with a blind man, giving me more of a challenge. Ah, the poor lad, clearly he has no achievements to gloat about. I let him get a few hits in before battering his fragile brain to a pulp to spare a bit of his ego…. and his sanity. Gave the crowd a bit of a show too. Maybe I’ll fix him up with some ice. No hard feelings for the poor soul, he was clearly just desperate to win whatever bet he had. If it wasn’t for my reputation I’ve seemed to have made for myself, I just might have sacrificed my victory to see that bastard Blait go into some debt. Better yet, I wish it were him who challenged me. I would be swabbin the decks with that smug face of his.



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