Skull & Shackles

Plea to Besmara.

The Pirate Queen.

Besmara, Queen of the Pirates, I’m begging you to save my crew and my ship from being stranded in the seas. I’ve been following your code, we’ve been making you offerings and even have 2 cats on board for good luck. I understand I was too lenient on my crew, especially Crow, but I couldn’t allow him harm since Vess claimed he was a servant of pure chaos. I had to do everything I could to protect the ship from being assaulted by chaos itself, and that means I had to protect Crow at all costs. Just because people disagreed with my actions, it doesn’t matter. I’m captain and whatever I say goes. We can’t make it to Squibbs in this state, I cannot die floating around like a piece of driftwood! You understand don’t you Besmara?

Thinking back on it now….Sandara….she seemed off….was she the one who lead the crew off? Hold on…odd. Very odd. Maybe she suffered the same fate as I have. Regardless I can’t sit around any longer and do nothing. It’s time to be a real damn captain. I’m getting my bloody crew back.




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