Skull & Shackles

Petrila's Letter

As read by Kerak

To the survivors of the Wyrmwood:

Captain Alestrum,

I apologize that I was unable to fulfill my promise. I truly hope that you can find your Red Queen one day and I regret that I was not able to find it with you. I have just one final request of you, Captain. I always believed that underneath all your rough pirate exterior you were a good person. Don’t lose that in a blind quest to regain your ship. No prize is worth the price of your soul.


I never got the chance to talk to you about your father and your lust for revenge. I know I’ll not be able to talk you out of it, not like this, but please remember that revenge won’t undo all the harm your father has caused. Please do not stoop to his level as you seek justice for the wrongs done to you. And please keep Captain Alestrum safe. He’s not the best in a fight and you’ve always been… talented in that area. And don’t let Crow do anything stupid. The man is a loose cannon. If the captain wasn’t so infatuated with him I’d suggest you kill him.


You were a true friend to me in a time where friendship was so rare and important. I regret that, provided you don’t convert before you move on, we will never again get the chance to see each other. I hope the seas fare you will Sandara Quinn and that you will always remain in Besmara’s favor.


Having reached Sarenrae’s embrace, I can safely say Rosie that your music is still among the most beautiful things I’ve heard. Never stop playing, it was what you were meant to do.

Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone,

You were a liar, but not a malicious one. Your stories, untrue they might have been, kept us entertained. Thank you for making us all smile during our time on that terrible ship.


Sarenrae says hello. She says she is sorry to hear of your bleaching and hopes that you recover. You were some of the best company she’s had in centuries and hopes to see you again.


I do not know what it is that you did to cause you such pain and a desire for redemption. I wish I had been able to help you in your quest, and I pray even now that you do fine the attonement that you seek.


Though I did not know you well, while we slaved on that Wyrmwood hell. I’ll never forget the time when you taught me how to rhythm.


I don’t think we ever spoke but it felt rude not to include you. So I’ll just tell you to be good, follow the light.


Crow. I may not be there to keep you in line anymore, but Lily still is. And so help me if you somehow ruin the Captain’s chance to regain his ship and therefor completely break my promise I will find a way back to the mortal plain and it will not be pretty. Sarenrae forbids killing only until we are certain an individual is beyond redemption and Crow, if you ruin this for Alestrum, there will be no power great enough to keep me from bringing you to justice.



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