Skull & Shackles

Our first pirate act!

Also the halfing wench is a bitch

Aye so not too much happened immediately after the Sahuagin attack and the bee thing’s punishment. We sailed a few days uneventfully. But then on me and the singing halfling lass’ watch night we spied a ship! Yo ho and all that. The wench couldn’t see the ship so I picked her up to help, and boy was that a mistake. Now let me tell you how insufferable she’s gotten since. You try to do one kind thing for a person and suddenly you’re public enemy number one. Alright true, I may have been motivated a wee bit by me prejudices against the little folk, but still! No need to be so rude. And she threatens to have the Cap’n throw me overboard if I continue to talk to her. Some nerve. No respect for her betters. Maybe that fiddle of hers be having a little accident in the future. I’ll make Kiddo do it to keep the blame off me.

Anywho, we race after this ship and catch up in a day or two. There’s a bit of a chase, a bit o’ cannon fire but nothing that did any damage to either ship. It seemed to be draggin on and on and on so the Captain decided to just board and kill them all anyway. Which we did. Mostly. Kept a couple alive to use as slaves, kept their captain alive for he be callin’ parley. Lucky for him too. I was about to shoot off his head when I saw our Captain raise his hand for a cease fire. Was able to nudge my aim just enough to only graze the bastard instead o’ killin’ him. At least that’s what I’m gonna tell the crew and Captain. Truth was, I didn’t see the Cap’n raise his hand and actually missed somehow. Don’t know how that bloody happened. Must’ve been wind or somethin’. Anyway, so far as the crew an’ Captain Alestrum’s concerned, I missed on purpose. It was a good thing I missed too. I hear killin’ a man whose called parley be bad luck and might possibly bring about the Pirate Queen’s wraith. So now we parley with this ships crew. Hopefully the plunder is good, we got a mighty debt to pay off if we’re ever to be true pirates.

But back to the important issues. That hafling bitch. How dare she talk to me like that. I shot back at her for every insult she attempted to fire at me, but still. And the worse of it is the crew, sided with her! Even Kiddo! Might be she’ll be the one in the bilges next time Crow’s on night watch. Fuckin’ little wench. Maybe I’ll shorten her food rations too. Or cut off her rum. That’s a good one there. See how well she sings without any rum.



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