Skull & Shackles

Ghost ships? Really?

Norgorbor, if you have a moment...

Ships sailing again under new management. Still a little short handed, but in other news Prescott is an idiot and the sky is blue.

Moved the plan to steal Sandara away from Besmara forward a bit. We made a bet on who could corrupt Prescott first. She’s agreed to come with us whenever we make port to participate in thieving jobs. Just gotta make sure Prescott doesn’t cave and become a pirate before I can sway her, not that that’ll be hard. Prescott wouldn’t cave even if the possibility of getting our bond broken wasn’t on the line. The man’s too stubborn in his nobility to become anything as underwordly as a pirate or thief. Plus he’s aware of the plan, his part in it, and what’s at stake. I mean, Prescott is an idiot but there’s absolutely no way this fails because of him. Only way it doesn’t work is if I can’t seduce Sandara away from the sea. That one is a real possibility. She’s a tough nut to crack. My standard array of tricks don’t work on a fellow criminal. I have to get creative, and I’m gonna be honest for once, I’m a little rusty at it. Social manipulation was never my forte. I’m better at stealing things than people. Oh well, we’ll see how this one plays out.

But the real exciting development of the past few days, the one that deserves the most attention I think, is the_ freakin’ ghost ship full of horrible ghost pirates that are going to kill us and eat our souls._ Like what the hell man? For the first time I find myself agreeing with Prescott. Staying on the ship was a bad idea, even if there was a possibility of breaking our bond. Man this is not how I want to go…

So that brings me to the main point of this. Hey boss, I’m assuming you’ve heard me today. I’ve been praying and calling you and doing every ritual I know to contact you. But maybe you can’t hear me. Maybe it’s Besmara or the ghost ship or that stupid bee man’s magic blocking my messages. Or maybe you just tuned me out after the first hour or two. I’m sure it got pretty annoying, but you know, I’m kinda desperate here. Anyway point is, maybe you can read this if you can’t hear me, or you will read it if you find my voice to be too annoying. Or maybe it won’t reach you or you’ll ignore it. I don’t know how you godly types actually do your stuff, but I gotta try here. As I’ve said, I don’t want to die.

So listen… err read? You can’t really listen to stuff that’s written down. Unless you count your inner monologue. Do gods have those? Or do you have one of your servants read these things to you? In which case I guess listen does apply. Sorry. I’m rambling. I’m a bit nervous here because there’s a good chance I’m about to die and have my soul eaten by ghost pirates. Seriously. What the hell.

But I’ve given you all of Prescott’s gold. Well I tried to. I offered Besmara a toll or bribe or whatever to not take it so hopefully she didn’t. It was 60 if you’re counting. Plus some of my blood. I know the actual gold isn’t important to you, it’s the value it represents to me and my willingness to sacrifice it to you. But still, don’t let her take your gold. I know she’s the Pirate Queen and all, but you’re the King of Thieves. Don’t let someone else rob you. You know who else is definitely going to try to steal from you, oh Gray Master? These pirate ghosts when they steal the soul of one of your servants to eat it or enslave it to work on their ship. Can’t let that happen. No one steals from you, am I right?

I’m sorry, that was disrespectful. I’m just nervous and scared my Lord. We’re not equipped properly for this. Sandara is trying to invoke Besmara’s name to bless our stuff but I don’t know how well they’re getting along right now after that whole rigged duel mutiny fiasco, so that line of defense might not be there and thus I turn to you. If Besmara will not help because she’s upset with Sandara, Alestrum, the crew in general or whatever, will you step in? I need the crew alive to man the ship or I’ll die regardless of the ghost ship and then how will I steal in your name, my Lord? Also Prescott can’t die either unfortunately, but we’ve been over that. (Hey, if you ever wanna break that bond, I’ll owe you big time boss!).

I realize of course, all of this might not be enough to entice you to come to our aid my Lord. So I have one final thing to offer you, and believe me it is not easy for me to do this. On this ship resides one of the most blood thirsty, horrifying, sadistic individuals I’ve ever met. You might have taken notice of her. I don’t know how closely you’ve been following my misadventures down here in the Shackles. She’s a half-elf (I told you this wasn’t easy for me) named Lily, though the crew calls her Lotus. She’d be a perfect fit to follow you under your Father Skinsaw guise.

If you help us live through this and it is your desire, I will point her in your direction and teach her all that I can about you, your teachings, and the Skinsaw cult. But if this is your wish, Lord, I ask of you to please make the sign obvious. You know my feelings towards elves and their spawn and I would prefer not to have to endure their company because I misinterpreted your meaning. So if you would come to our aid tomorrow, and Lotus is the price you want, please please make it clear. The more direct the message the better.

Another big price I’m willing to pay you should even all this not be enough, is to give up on the plan to steal Sandara from the Pirate Queen for you. I took initiative thinking that gaining you another follower by stealing them from another god would be a good worthy show of skill, but after some thought I realize you might not want to temper relations with Besmara. The two of you hold domain over similar areas so it might be better to stay on good terms I now realize. As with Lotus, I ask for a direct response if this is part of your price.

I will be on deck tonight to fight these wraiths. I will be wearing the mask of the Skinsaw, for it is that power I think I will need as opposed to my normal antics. I plan to offer Prescott the mask of the Blackfingers. I don’t know if he’ll accept it, but if he does please help him as well. Out of all the crew, he is the most important, aside from myself, to keep alive. Thank you for listening… reading… whatever, Lord Norgorber.



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