Skull & Shackles

Captain Kiddo's Diary

First Entry

From the Desk of Captain Edward Alestrum  Kiddo Caliari

Dear Diary,
I found this really nifty little leather bound book here in Edward’s old desk, which has been my desk now for what, 4 days? Maybe 5? Honestly that whole Ghost ship nonsense made me lose track of the time a bit, but I’ll get to that later.
I didn’t know Edward kept a diary, and there was only one page with anything written in it. Some plea to Besmara about being Captain and getting the crew back. I know, Diary, ironic.
I tore it out and threw it overboard.
Clean slate.
Though, to be honest, I didn’t really think keeping a diary was a very pirate-y thing to do, but if Edward kept a diary then I should too, right?

Anywho, I’ve been Captain now for close to a week and I gotta say, I think I’m doin’ a real bang-up job. I talked my way into the position like a real smooth-talking smooth talker, and it’s been even smoother sailing ever since. Get it, Diary? Ship puns! Vald always said my luck would eventually run dry, but look at me now, eh?
But I digress.
Doc Cornall’s my new First Mate, a pretty obvious choice since Vald was cut down in cold blood for no discernable reason, a fact that I will not soon forget. Or forgive. And he used to be a sheriff, so he’s got leadership experience, and he can back be up when things get hairy. Vald would be proud o’ me. Shoulda’ been him sittin’ at this desk tellin’ people what to do…
Edward’s the new Boatswain, that was the deal for him to relinquish control of the ship over to me without a fight, and I’m thankful that he’s been so cooperative with me this last week. He’s even been showing me the ropes. Figuratively, I mean, he’s been teaching me to navigate and pilot the ship. He says it’s important for a Captain to be be in control of his Vessel. I get the feeling he’s not too impressed with my leadership, though… But don’t worry, Diary, I’ll win him over.

So, allow me to recap the last few nights.
First we saw a what we thought was a Whaling ship on the horizon. As one of my first acts as Captain I order that we follow it in the safest way possible. Next morning it’s gone, so I’m thinkin’ “shit, the goddamn ship got away from us cause I was pussyfootin’ around trying not to cock up my first adventure as Captain.”
But don’t worry Diary, cause it wasn’t my fault at all. Turns out the Whaling vessel was actually a terrifying Ghost Ship that was gonna enslave our souls for all eternity. Bittersweet, I know. I sent the crew scrambling all over, doing research and blessing weapons, pulling together anything they could think of. I thought we were in for a real crucible.

I was wrong.

The ghost pirates shows up with their Captain and call parley. They say they want five people on our crew to serve on the Ghost ship for all eternity and the rest would be devoured… So obviously I tell him to shove off, my crew was ready for a fight and I wasn’t about to just hand over the ship on a silver platter. Then, the spooky Captain gives Lotus a real’ significant look and they all leave… Just like that… No fighting, no undead curses, no devouring, no nothing. I mean, I think Lotus is a real dark piece of work but goddamn. No one on the crew knew what to make of that. And from the look on her face she has no idea what the deal was herself. I’ll keep a pin in that…
Then Blait starts blubbering like a newborn in his ugly mask, but honestly I couldn’t care less what that creepy bastard gets up to with his manicured boyfriend.

So, we’re heading back to Squibb’s now, empty handed, with only a few days of rations left and nothing to show for our trip except a mediocre story about a Ghost Captain taking a stroll on deck for a few minutes. Then, thankfully, Hubbles spots a fishing village on the coast, and that obnoxiously optimistic, tea-sucking old foreigner, Fa Zhou, blindsides the whole crew with a brilliant idea to turn this would-be pillaging into a real profitable operation! Edward conned a dingy off of them and we’re gonna head down tomorrow morning to extort the villagers for gold, supplies and people, and in exchange we won’t kill them all and burn their village to the ground. Fair trade.

Note to self:
Make Fa Zhou some sort of Officer

Well, that’s all for now, Diary.
Tomorrow we’re gonna start building real reputation for the Stormbreaker and her crew.

Captain Kiddo



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