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  • Grindylow

    h2. Raiding Terrors of the Seas, Often Called Aquatic Goblins |


    Often called sea devils, these fishy folk raid ships out on the seven seas. [[File:647866 | class=media-item-align-none | sahaugin_by_vegasmike.jpg]]

  • Races

    h3. Common Races [[ Human ]] [[ Dwarf ]] [[ Elf ]] [[ Halfling ]] [[ Half-Elf ]] h3. Uncommon Races [[ Aasimar ]] [[ Gnome ]] [[ Half-Orc ]] [[ Tengu ]] [[ Tiefling ]] h3. Monster Races [[ Drow ]] [[ Goblin ]] [[Grindylow | …

  • Lizardfolk

    Primitive reptilian humanoids who dwell primarily in swamps and marshes. [[File:647867 | class=media-item-align-none | Sesyuth.jpg]]

  • Tengu

    Crow-like humanoids who are common in [[The Shackles | the Shackles]]. The Tengu happily adopt other cultures as their own like crows building a nest. They often reside in slums and many view them as simply thieves and cutthroats. [[File:647868 | …

  • Human

    Your basic human is between three and twenty-five feet tall, and is mostly composed of an oily goo wrapped in clothing. Also they can possibly breath fire. [[File:647869 | class=media-item-align-none | Human.png]]

  • Dwarf

    Short and sturdy, dwarves are master craftsmen and laborers. A good dwarf will have a hammer in one hand, a pint of ale in the other, and a long wonderful beard in between. Most dwarves worship Torag, the god of the forge. And tend to get along well …

  • Elf

    Taller and slimmer than the average human, elves can easily be picked out because of their pointy ears and distinctive eyes. There are many different subraces of elves, ranging from the undersea aquatic elves, to the proud elves of the Mordant Spire to …

  • Halfling

    3 foot tall humanoids with pointed ears and furry feet, Halflings are everyone's friend. Easy going, but eccentric and excitable you can find halflings anywhere you find [[Human | humans]]. Although sometimes they are treated poorly and used as slaves, …

  • Half-Elf

    Half-elves do not necessarily have one human and one elf parent (although that is still possible and does happen), but rather the average half-elf simply has both human and elven ancestry. Often taken traits of both races, half-elves tend to be a little …

  • Aasimar

    Aasimar are for the most part indistinguishable from your average human. And aasimar is the descendant of a human and a celestial being, usually an angel. Because of the divine blood that flows through their veins, aasimar tend to stunningly beautiful …

  • Gnome

    Gnomes are not native to Golarion, they come from a realm of the fey called the First World. Many gnomes struggle dealing with Golarion as it is very different from their homeland. Golarion is a realm cemented in reality while the First World is a land …

  • Half-Orc

    Half-orcs are result of orcs mating with other humanoid races. These half-breeds are despised by most of the world, however, which sees them as the spawn of violence or a filthy perversion. Half-orcs vary in appearance more than most other races, ranging …

  • Tiefling

    A tiefling is a humanoid who has fiendish or devil blood in their ancestry. Their appearance is usually affected by this, with many tieflings having horns, hooves, tails, wings or red skin. The appearance of an individual tiefling can vary drastically …

  • Drow

    Drow are evil elves that leave deep underground in the Darklands. |[[File:648535 | class=media-item-align-none | Priest_of_Zon-Kuthon.jpg]] |[[File:648534 | class=media-item-align-none | Depora_Azrinae.jpg]]|

  • Goblin

    Considered nothing more than murderous pests by most, goblins dwell on the fringes of other societies, scavenging amongst their waste and building their society in squalor. Though weak on their own, goblins often gather in huge numbers to overwhelm their …

  • Orc

    Orcs are savage humanoids with mottled grey to green skin, oversized, pointed ears, black hair, and a violent attitude. |[[File:648537 | class=media-item-align-none | Orc_warlord.jpg]] |[[File:648538 | class=media-item-align-none | Orc_scout.jpg]]|

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