Skull & Shackles

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This section is here if anyone wishes to record their adventures, either as a summary out of character or perhaps in character as a journal or some such. Anyone doing this for a session is able to gain both extra bennies at the start of next session and some bonus experience to boot.

Swab's Log, Ship Days 1-4, 4712
Sarenrae, why?

Day 0

We have arrived in the Shackles. I have never seen a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. I warned my companions that we should be cautious, but they scoffed at the notion. Alestrum has booked us room at a local tavern. We begin our quest to find him a ship to command on the morrow. Tonight he insists that we celebrate our good fortune of making it here in one piece by, and I quote, “Drinkin’ and pissin’ the night away.” Naturally I will not indulge in such activity. Still, I shall do my best to stay mindful and keep an eye on them. Lilly will likely be no problem, and although Edward is normally a… reasonable person, I wouldn’t trust his judgement after a few bellyfuls of ale. And then there is of course Flint. Normally I would have faith in one of the others to keep him in line, but I’ve learned in my travels with this party that when alcohol is involved I am the only level headed one in the group. Case in point, I just heard glass shatter followed by shouting. I must go to keep my… I don’t want to call them friends, but they’re more than acquaintances at this point. Allies. I must keep my allies safe. I will not fail in my oath to Alestrum as I did to Sir Galwaith.

Day 1

Sarenrae certainly acts in mysterious ways. Our drink and food had been poisoned. We awoke, groggy and uncomfortable, in the hold of an unknown ship with no memory of how we arrived here and none of our weapons or armor. I did however notice that I still had my copy of The Birth of Light and Truth. I guess even pirates fear the wrath of an angry goddess. As we began to collect our wits, we were greeted by a rather unpleasant fellow calling himself Master Scourge. Scourge threatened us and ordered us to report to the main deck. Once there many things were made clear. We had been forcibly conscripted onto this pirate vessel because their crew had been diminished. Such actions are appalling, but I must remain faithful and believe that Sarenrae placed me here for a reason. We were introduced to the captain, Barnabas Harrigan and his first mate, Mr. Plugg. The rules on the ship are simple.

  1. Don’t talk to the captain.
  2. Do your work.
  3. Don’t kill another crew member.
  4. Don’t steal from another crew member or the quarter master.

I know that these are rules I can follow, and I’m sure Alestrum and Lilly will be fine too. It is Mr. Crow that worries me. I fear he may end up talking to the captain or get caught robbing one of the other pirates. There is little I can do to help him though, and nor do I have much desire to. My oath is to Edward Alestrum, not Flint Crow. Plugg assigned us our jobs after the captain gave his introduction speech. Alestrum was assigned to the rigging after winning a simple climbing contest, Lilly is to be the cook’s assistant, and Flint and I are to be swabs. It might be a good thing Flint and I have the same job, for I may be able to keep him out of trouble after all. My specific job for the day was the worst of the lot. I was to clean out the bilges. The place reeked, and the work was hard. It took a lot out of me. I was supremely grateful when someone came to let me know the day’s work was done.

After work, we all gathered on the main deck again for the hour of punishment; the time of the day where Master Scourge punishes all those who broke the rules that day or the day prior. There was only one poor man there today. Jakes Magpie is what they called him. He had been caught stealing from the quarter master, and was sentenced to be keelhauled. A vile practice, I was forced to watch as they dragged the man under the ship, where the barnacles tore him to pieces. I beg Sarenrae’s forgiveness for there was nothing I could do to stop it. There was only one of me and at least two dozen of them, and I still have an oath to fulfill. After punishment we were given leave to eat dinner and spend the rest of the evening drinking and entertaining ourselves. I went to bed shortly after I ate, however. I was too exhausted from the work in the bilges and I wanted to make sure I was well rested for the next days work.

Day 2

Today began rather interestingly. Several of our newfound shipmates attempted to block us from arriving to the daily job assignment. This was unacceptable. Not only did we have responsibilities to maintain as crew of this ship, but Sarenrae’s light was just starting to bless the sky. I asked them repeatedly to step aside and they did not. I warned them not to anger Sarenrae by keeping one of her servants from their duty and asked them again to move aside. Still they did not, so I was forced to unleash my holy flame. One of them, “Slippery” Syl Lonegan, managed to actually hit me. I was able to take her and two of her companions out regardless while Flint and Alestrum handled the last. Still, I do admire the combat prowess and courage of someone to actually strike one of Sarenrae’s favored. When we arrived on deck, I noticed that Master Scourge looked a bit surprised at our presence. I suspect he may have sent them to try and break us in and submit to his authority. Well he is a fool. The only true authority I obey is that of Sarenrae.

My job for the day was to make rudimentary repairs around the ship. Flint was assigned to the same task, and followed me around all day much to my dismay. I suspect he did little work and allowed me to cover for him, but I have no way to prove it, nor did I catch him in the act. I may just be paranoid and allowing my dislike of the man to cloud my judgement.

When the work was completed, our attackers were brought out to the hour of punishment and whipped for being late to job assignment. I sought out the one who had managed to hit me and offered to heal her wounds. She wearily accepted my offer and I easily healed the damage the whip had done to her back. Hopefully this act of mercy and kindness will leave us with one less enemy on this ship.

Not drained of energy from a long day in the bilges, I tried my hand at entertaining the crew with a parable from The Birth of Light and Truth. Most didn’t seem to care for the tale, or the lessons it was meant to teach. I should have suspected that this crew would not be so open to Sarenrae’s teachings yet. Still, it was not a waste. I managed to meet Sandara Quinn a priestess of Besmara. We shared a drink and discussed the nature of piety and faith out here on the open sea. She told me that we of the cloth must stick together, a statement that I can’t help but agree with. I hope that I have made at least one ally this day.

Day 3

No morning brawls today, but there was another day in the bilges for work. I was not alone today however, I was joined by Tilly Brackett. The work went a bit smoother with a second set of hands, and the conversation made the long hours a bit shorter. Tilly was an interesting character. She was very friendly, we discussed how we ended up on the ship and what we thought of the pirate life. I do not think she approved of my devotion to Sarenrae, but she didn’t seem like the type to let that bother her too much.

After dinner, I once again tried my hand at story telling. This time, I avoided another piece from Birth, and instead told the story of the death of my parents and how I was saved by the Spear Wielding Cleric. This one also did not get as much enjoyment as I had hoped. Too dark was the tale, was the criticism I received. Lilly also shared her origin, a story I had not yet heard. She told us how she was the product of rape, a fact that had followed and haunted her throughout her entire life. It turns out she has sworn a vow as well. She means to find and murder her father for all the harm he has caused her. While I agree with her that justice must be dealt, death should only be a last resort. The man should be given the chance to repent, to be redeemed, and do some good in the world before death catches him. I do not think Lilly will agree with me on this, and it is clearly a very important and personal issue with her, so I will not discuss my objection to her plans.

Flint told a bizarre tale that was either a bold faced lie or one of his delusions which pleased the pirates little, and then one of them began a rhyming game. I tried my best, and even completed a set of rhymes or two, but it was clear I was a novice at this game. Still, the pirates enjoyed it and were encouraging of my attempts. I’ll admit that I even had a bit of fun. I hope tomorrow will see a lack of bilges, as two days working in it have been too many.

Day 4

Four days I have been on this ship. Three of which I have been in the bilges. Today at least, was not for a full days work. My assigned job was to swab the deck, but after young Jack Scrimshaw reported getting bit by something in the bilges, I was relieved of duty to investigate along with Alestrum, Lilly and Flint. I healed Jack’s bite wound, and we headed down to investigate. Several dire rats were the source, but my companions and I easily dispatched them. Mr. Plugg gave us the rest of the day off as reward. Flint ran off, likely getting himself in trouble, while Lilly returned to the kitchen to deliver the rat carcasses to the cook. I volunteered to work my shift anyway, because what else was I to do? Edward elected to take his day off, but to follow me around and socialize with the crew. We talked with Aretta Bansion, one of the pirates who jumped us a few days earlier. Alestrum wanted to know why they attacked us and who ordered it, but Aretta replied that she wasn’t a rat and that we needed to learn our place. I apologized for healing only one of them after they were whipped, but explained I only had the mana for one healing after expending the rest during our fight. Aretta acknowledged my skill, but criticized me for gloating, a sin I was certainly guilty of. She also told Alestrum that he didn’t know his place and while they argued we were all yelled at by Rosie Cusswell, a halfling who is apparently a bit of a workaholic. I was told that Rosie is an amazing singer as well, but she is too shy to admit it or sing on her own. I will have to ask her to sing if I see her at story time one of these nights.

(I don’t think we did night 4? Although I could be wrong and just not remembering it.)

The New Ship
and the fighting that comes with it.

With the ship on the Horizon and slowly getting closer the crew stuck to their jobs as normal, come night, we all relaxed and drank for the following day. We arose and went on the main deck to prepare for boarding and to no surprise, loudmouth Flint gets to lead the boarding party along with us of course. Everyone got armor except for the bird. Joining us was Narwal, Tilly, Sandara, and Shivikah. Being a former captain I know the importance of following orders, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE. We waited for Flint to lead the party. Once he went everyone followed, the problem was that the boards got filled up so naturally I grabbed a rope and boarded in my own way. I quickly dropped two men as I saw Lotus Lilly taking care of herself with the help of nearby allies. Turned around and what do I see, None other than Crow bleeding out for a fucking punctured Lung. Petrila was assisting from the other ship using her Magic and soon enough it was only one man and who I assumed was the Captain. They knew they were dead so like true Seaman, they called for Parlay…but their was an extra lad trying to take advantage of our captains back being turned, but the holy one sprung into action and took care of him. I then sprinted for the wheel as it was our orders. The ship is now ours. It felt good touching the wheel again, but also brought back all the memories I had on my past ship. Our orders now were to celebrate and wait till morning to get our cut, and we did just that.

The next morning Scourge pulled me to pick a crew of 7 men along with his 4 men to take this ship to Port to sell. I worked with my 2 friends and Flint to decide who to bring along. We decided it would be Narwhal, Maheem, Sandara, Tilly, Rosie and of course the normal. Scourge also picked Narwhal (Good choice though right?) Aretta, Ratline and Sly. Tilly ran and decided to stay on the wormwood far from Flint, and since Scourge picked Narwal, we needed a replacement. Flint set off for Shorty and he agreed but with an odd twist, we had to bring Giffer with us because he couldn’t stand to see her bleach and he hopes to bring her back with our crew. A gesture I can respect. With our new crew we set sail for port. Work happens normally but happy Captain Scourge doesn’t like entertainment so after our meal we’re sent to our area. Following day same routine, work, eat, talk a little. The Flint mentioned something about stars, then someone said something that felt made me feel unsettled. We were head West, port was South….We’re heading for squiggle something, a place where they strip and outfit ships for pirating. The bastard Scourge is taking the ship to be his and turn on the Captain! Everyone stopped and looked at me. “What should we do?”

Another moment where I had to make a decision. We are to take arm and rid ourselves of Scourge and his men. Shorty was to play dead while Flint causes a scene, drawing them out. Lilly, Petrila, Flint and I were to go after the Captain while everyone else dealt with the scum. I tried to get the drop on Scourge by jumping off the upper part of the deck and stabbing him, but I missed. He swung at me and called me a traitor. Really mate, me a traitor?! You’re the one going against your true Captain! Lilly came over and stabbed the bastard and as he reacted Petrila set his head into flames. Note to self: Do not piss her off.
Everyone met up on the Main Deck and looked at me. The words still ring in my ears. “The ship’s yours Captain.”

Let’s head to port and follow our last orders.

~Captain Edward Alestrum

The Storm and The Dead
I'm like Jesus.

First day leading the ship was pretty rough. I’m still shaking the barnacles out of my captains boots since it’s been such a long time. We needed to get the ship moving and to do that, jobs needed to be done. Step one was to figure out where the hell we were…which is why Sandara…..SHIT SHES GONE. WE’RE GOING TO BE LOST LADS… important because she can navigate. Assigning jobs was easy for the most part, riggers to rigger work, everyone else do whatever…..and Flint goes down to the bilges to keep everyone’s moral high and him away from everyone. (Good idea Petrila!!!) Everyone did their assigned job and I was able to maintain course just fine, even with the short staff. That evening I showed what kind of Captain I was and ate with my high spirited crew. I’m not one to say I’m better than everyone on my ship, but instead I see them as equals. I just command the ship to keep it from running aground…..

Next day comes. Rosie pulls me aside and suggests I name a few officers should they need something. Being we’re so short on people, we don’t need 5. I assign Petrila and Lotus as my officers and take the wheel. Everyone was assigned to do the same jobs, being they were so good at it the day before. Even if they couldn’t maintain their work, I need to be able to maintain course. A sign of a good captain is a happy crew, so I must be doing something right since the whole crew busted out in some sea shantys, even I joined in! Day was going just fine till Rattline shouted down at me saying there was storm clouds approaching and we’d be hitting them within a days time. That night knowing we’d be hitting the storm, I told the crew to batten down the hatches and explained my plan on trying to steer along the edge of it as best as I could and everyone is to drink to their heart content! As is the goddess ways. Like I said, I’m still shaking off my boots and can’t even hold my rum anymore. Ever since we blacked out it hasn’t been the same.

I’m on the wheel most of the night to avoid the storm, let the crew rest and be strong. They wake as one of the gods lose an arm wrestling match and are greeted with the heavens tears. Ay, sometimes I try to make pretty scrawlings when I’m half shit faced. HarrHarr! (Not really) Everyone is needed to work to keep this ship alive. Everyone on deck, Shivikah is to work with flint in the bilges, and I know how hard it is so I agreed to pay her for it. The crew was clearly struggling when we were hit by wave after wave when Petrila claimed to have seen dark figures on the port side of the ship, followed by some light screams. I had Petrila arm up as everyone else ran for a man overboard, but with this darkness swallowing everything, we couldn’t see a piece of gold a rat tails length away. I even lit a bottle of rum and tossed it and still nothing was seen. Petrila was all ready to have someone dive in the water, but we couldn’t see anything and the crew was being tossed about. The sails were brought down as we seemed to be hit with something. I sent flint down to take a gander at it and reports there’s a crack and we’re taking on small water. Since it appears Narwhal knows a thing or two about ships, I sent him down there to take a look as well. Since we appear to not be moving, I had them patch it the best we can and had everyone bunker down below decks out of the storm. We are to keep 2 guards on the main deck to make sure these figures don’t return and take more crew. Lilly and Petrila are first. My crew is tired and need to eat so I head down and prepare whatever I could make and present it to the crew beings Lilly is busy. Next up is myself and I take Crow, because…..I don’t know. Then it’s the gnomes. No one sees anything and come morning, the storms broken up and clear sky all around and best of all, there’s a island not to far. It seems that we hit some reefs by the island and the repairs will take a day and half, so what are we to do? We were explorers before so we get a dingy and head into land. Narwhal is in charge of the crew and repairs until I return.

Heading around the tear drop, we are greeted by non other than…..bones with what seems to be tribal markings etched into them, never seen them before. Lilly sees there’s a beach along with what appears to be farmland and a building on top of the mountain. Dingy skids across the sand and is secure. Someone sees that around one of the massive trees there is some broken coconuts and some movement above…..and no. Birds cannot break coconuts. Just then 4 big ass crabs come flying out of the tree line and Lilly, being the Lotus she is, runs right at them and is soon surrounded. I tell Crow to go help her and I leave Petrila to take care of the one coming at her. She’s a beast after all. I rush in to try to help Lilly, but to no avail and Petrila is already near us….Told you. She’s a beast. Needless to say we won after all….I’m writing this ain’t I? We head to the farm land, after running some crab to the dingy and I see what appears to be a bone in the ground… to the 3 pillars with rotting skulls on it of course but that’s not important. Flint get the command of digging up the Jawbone and the bastard try to take it. No. DON’T MESS WITH TRIBAL PEOPLE. IT’S IN THE CAPTAIN’S HANDBOOK. So he tosses it away, but not before trying to pull off some street merchant trick of palming a tooth in his sleeve. After forcing him to drop all of it, the ground shakes and out pops the biggest cockroach I ever laid eyes on and I spring at it. Petrila was unlucky and got messed up pretty bad and was in shock so I shoved her aside and tried to hit it. Me and Flint….more Flint couldn’t do anything…..THEN ALONG COMES LOTUS, HITS THE BLOODY THING ONE TIME AND BATHES IN IT’S BLOOD…….WITH A 30!……Petrila drinks her Health bottle from our old Captain and we set course to the building.

When we arrive at the shack were greeted with a nice tall, vine infused fence and a non budging door. While everyone else was arguing I chopped the vines up and threw Flint into the center of the area. There’s a pool, a pile of leaves, a small building and a spyglass in the wall. Flint, being the curious bloak he is, went to look through the……break off the spyglass, but then looked through it and claimed to have seen 2 happy lil water….goblin…things splashing in the water. Then he got jumped by 2 tree people things!!! Lily sprung into action and somehow managed to drown a tree person, didn’t know it was possible and Petrila killed the other. Moving on, while everyone was looking through the glass, I glanced in the house and was greeted with an awful stench almost reliving the night before the storm. It looked like a rotted storage room, then I saw what I thought was a dead body that hung himself. I called Petrila over and we went to go look around and for her to do her holy god thing. Then the fucking thing used Petrila and kicked off of her to free it self and to attack her, at this point everyone else was running in and we were able to kill it once and for all. THEN WE PLUNDERED! We got 6 spears, some fine ass clothes, a silver mug, a locket and a ring. Walking back to the dingy with our booty Petrila suspected the ring might be magic. Fearing I might burst into flames, I gave the ring to Flint. His feet got tingly and we all took turns beating him thinking it was armor. After driving a spear into his foot, he started to hobble around the beach…..then to the water….then to the dingy. He was hopping on water. Naturally I took the ring back but not after some arguing and danced on the water, showing off my moves. We decided then to head to where Flint to have claimed to see these waterlings, and eventually head up to what I expect to be an old tribal village.

Lilly's Lullaby


Hush little creature, don’t say a word.
I’ll rearrange your tongue so you go unheard.
Watch helplessly as your friends squirm,
using limbs as a noose, now it’s your turn.
Petrilla’s death was your mistake,
so your last breath is mine to take.
Let’s go for a swim and count to ten.
I’ll use you to paint the water red.
-Lotus <3

Lilly Hall
Our ship. Our Flag.
For now...


Ha! I stole Crow's food!
(He deserved it)

So this pirate gig isn’t that bad so far. I was made an officer! Me! Ha! And poor Kiddo got placed under my command. Kid’s lucky I like him or man would he would be suffering under my rule, especially after that stunt he pulled back in Bloodcove. Still haven’t forgotten that one. Also put under me thumb were the singin’ halfling, that scary looking lady, Crow, and the uh… bee thing. Crow has the permanent position of bilges man and that be fine by me. The captain also named Besmara’s priestess as our navigator and the dwarf as the rigger officer. Lotus is apparently the cook… and maybe the first mate? I’m not sure. There seems to be a bit of confusion on that point. Really though, we all know I should be first mate. I could out shoot the entire crew twice over blindfolded. But I think Lotus might kill me if I get the spot… Tough choices. I’d better play it safe I think, even though I’m obviously the most deserving.

So we’re sailing along, captain picked some island to the south as our destination. Everything seems to be in order, we set up a night watch. During the night though, we were boarded! Sahuagins! Besmara curse the devils! Shivikah, who was on watch, immediately woke myself and the other officers but the uh… bee creature (the other watchmen) stood there and blathered on like an idiot instead of waking the rest of the crew. We fought the bastards till they dropped (I didn’t have my rifle on me, but still managed to bullseye one in the face after borrowing the Captain’s pistol), but they managed to wound one of our crew! Poor, poor Shivikah. In a huge stroke of luck though, turns out we had a stowaway. A healer in fact. The doc saved our crewmembers life so the Captain let ‘em stay on board provided he worked. He did, of course, and Shivikah was given the day off to rest. She spent it fishin’, getting some of us some mighty fine food for the night.

Captain also decided that it was time to bring some discipline to the crew. As punishment for not waking the crew and therefor allowing Shivikah to get hurt, bee man was gagged and strung up along the rigging for the day. It was satisfying. Crow made some off handed comment about talking to him while being punished, so I punished crow by taking away his food and giving it to Shivikah. See a perk of my position is that I’m in charge of handing out the shares of food, rum, and gold. Boy it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Between Crow, Bee Man, and Kiddo there’s way too many people I think I can safely get away with messing with.

Our first pirate act!
Also the halfing wench is a bitch

Aye so not too much happened immediately after the Sahuagin attack and the bee thing’s punishment. We sailed a few days uneventfully. But then on me and the singing halfling lass’ watch night we spied a ship! Yo ho and all that. The wench couldn’t see the ship so I picked her up to help, and boy was that a mistake. Now let me tell you how insufferable she’s gotten since. You try to do one kind thing for a person and suddenly you’re public enemy number one. Alright true, I may have been motivated a wee bit by me prejudices against the little folk, but still! No need to be so rude. And she threatens to have the Cap’n throw me overboard if I continue to talk to her. Some nerve. No respect for her betters. Maybe that fiddle of hers be having a little accident in the future. I’ll make Kiddo do it to keep the blame off me.

Anywho, we race after this ship and catch up in a day or two. There’s a bit of a chase, a bit o’ cannon fire but nothing that did any damage to either ship. It seemed to be draggin on and on and on so the Captain decided to just board and kill them all anyway. Which we did. Mostly. Kept a couple alive to use as slaves, kept their captain alive for he be callin’ parley. Lucky for him too. I was about to shoot off his head when I saw our Captain raise his hand for a cease fire. Was able to nudge my aim just enough to only graze the bastard instead o’ killin’ him. At least that’s what I’m gonna tell the crew and Captain. Truth was, I didn’t see the Cap’n raise his hand and actually missed somehow. Don’t know how that bloody happened. Must’ve been wind or somethin’. Anyway, so far as the crew an’ Captain Alestrum’s concerned, I missed on purpose. It was a good thing I missed too. I hear killin’ a man whose called parley be bad luck and might possibly bring about the Pirate Queen’s wraith. So now we parley with this ships crew. Hopefully the plunder is good, we got a mighty debt to pay off if we’re ever to be true pirates.

But back to the important issues. That hafling bitch. How dare she talk to me like that. I shot back at her for every insult she attempted to fire at me, but still. And the worse of it is the crew, sided with her! Even Kiddo! Might be she’ll be the one in the bilges next time Crow’s on night watch. Fuckin’ little wench. Maybe I’ll shorten her food rations too. Or cut off her rum. That’s a good one there. See how well she sings without any rum.

Vessimeer’s personal log

So we raided our first ship, I stayed on the boat until the raid was over, Cant risk getting killed with these wounds, me and flint searched the bilges, we found 2 humans and the most fascinating creature I ever seen! never seen this before, It was a bird man! Amazing, I couldn’t help my self my sage senses were tingling I had to take a feather from it. I lost the thing, don’t know how….but I didn’t want to offend the fascinating creature any more so I apologized to it. Hopefully I can study this thing in the future, So glad I went on a boat, I get to see so much. Oh yeah and there were these two human males, one seemed pretty cool. Like he has been with a lot of woman or something, The other seems to hate his partner, like as if he gets dragged into this characters shenanigans….long story short they joined our crew, we need people, not much of a choice, But I think it was a good one.

We recently raided a small fishing village, the men were weak, It didn’t take very long, we searched the village, I was able to convert some people to worship the one and only true god of the stars, Turns out that you can use fear to gain religious followers! who knew! I wonder if some people caught on to that?…. there pathetic “Gods” couldn’t protect them, mine would as long as they spread the word.

I question the morals of some of these officers, taking mothers away from there kids…..makes me sick, I put a stop to that, can’t allow that to happen, The world is already dark enough, Also gained a follower out of that, I gave her back to her children, then she follows the true god of the stars, Pretty fair deal.

I think I made a friend also, small little thing with such a colorful mouth, I’m trying to be friendly, it makes me cough but I’m getting used to it, I just hope it doesn’t kill me. I told the small creature about my past and showed her my face, She got a little creeped out, but she knows I’m telling the truth,I think she respects me for that, I think were going to get along, I believe she will serve my cause one day.

But on to much more important things, Killing that scum shivka, the nerve of her, just the scent of her makes me want to kill her right on the spot, But can’t do that, don’t want to get killed, but People like her need to be wiped of the face of the earth, ill make sure I take care of that.

may the stars guide me.

Vessimeer’s personal log

Some of the crew seems displeased with the captains actions in regards to releasing the slaves they kidnapped. This captain follows moral codes and does not want anyone forced on this boat, its very interesting.

We raided another ship today, it unleashed this huge beast, another fascinating creature I’ve never seen before. I killed many men on that fight, I can feel the eldritch gods power flowing through my dead cold veins, I hope I cant get the captains respect, I want to be feared.

Flint was fighting quite passionlessly, he really wanted to kill the enemy captain, never seen his spirit so high, the poor fool lost a bet, at least now he can speak. I thought he was going to kill himself.

I cant stop hearing voices, constant whispers, Day and night. I don’t feel the need to sleep, at night i’m constantly drawn to the stars, I feel energized when I stare at them. I see symbols on the walls, on people, animals, everywhere! what does it mean!? I need to Figure this out, I must bring my god to the physical world, but how? what does he want, blood? souls? do I have to kill this entire crew and sink the boat? what does he want from me! I need to redeem myself, I need to show my worth to the stars!

I must ask for guidance when the stars are out, all I can do now is pray. Its time to start my research, I need to bring the great old ones to this physical world, we must take it over, but how?

This will take some time, I need to grow my skills first, Ill destroy anyone who tries to stop me.


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