Skull & Shackles

Vessimeer’s personal log


Some of the crew seems displeased with the captains actions in regards to releasing the slaves they kidnapped. This captain follows moral codes and does not want anyone forced on this boat, its very interesting.

We raided another ship today, it unleashed this huge beast, another fascinating creature I’ve never seen before. I killed many men on that fight, I can feel the eldritch gods power flowing through my dead cold veins, I hope I cant get the captains respect, I want to be feared.

Flint was fighting quite passionlessly, he really wanted to kill the enemy captain, never seen his spirit so high, the poor fool lost a bet, at least now he can speak. I thought he was going to kill himself.

I cant stop hearing voices, constant whispers, Day and night. I don’t feel the need to sleep, at night i’m constantly drawn to the stars, I feel energized when I stare at them. I see symbols on the walls, on people, animals, everywhere! what does it mean!? I need to Figure this out, I must bring my god to the physical world, but how? what does he want, blood? souls? do I have to kill this entire crew and sink the boat? what does he want from me! I need to redeem myself, I need to show my worth to the stars!

I must ask for guidance when the stars are out, all I can do now is pray. Its time to start my research, I need to bring the great old ones to this physical world, we must take it over, but how?

This will take some time, I need to grow my skills first, Ill destroy anyone who tries to stop me.



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