Skull & Shackles

Vessimeer’s personal log


So we raided our first ship, I stayed on the boat until the raid was over, Cant risk getting killed with these wounds, me and flint searched the bilges, we found 2 humans and the most fascinating creature I ever seen! never seen this before, It was a bird man! Amazing, I couldn’t help my self my sage senses were tingling I had to take a feather from it. I lost the thing, don’t know how….but I didn’t want to offend the fascinating creature any more so I apologized to it. Hopefully I can study this thing in the future, So glad I went on a boat, I get to see so much. Oh yeah and there were these two human males, one seemed pretty cool. Like he has been with a lot of woman or something, The other seems to hate his partner, like as if he gets dragged into this characters shenanigans….long story short they joined our crew, we need people, not much of a choice, But I think it was a good one.

We recently raided a small fishing village, the men were weak, It didn’t take very long, we searched the village, I was able to convert some people to worship the one and only true god of the stars, Turns out that you can use fear to gain religious followers! who knew! I wonder if some people caught on to that?…. there pathetic “Gods” couldn’t protect them, mine would as long as they spread the word.

I question the morals of some of these officers, taking mothers away from there kids…..makes me sick, I put a stop to that, can’t allow that to happen, The world is already dark enough, Also gained a follower out of that, I gave her back to her children, then she follows the true god of the stars, Pretty fair deal.

I think I made a friend also, small little thing with such a colorful mouth, I’m trying to be friendly, it makes me cough but I’m getting used to it, I just hope it doesn’t kill me. I told the small creature about my past and showed her my face, She got a little creeped out, but she knows I’m telling the truth,I think she respects me for that, I think were going to get along, I believe she will serve my cause one day.

But on to much more important things, Killing that scum shivka, the nerve of her, just the scent of her makes me want to kill her right on the spot, But can’t do that, don’t want to get killed, but People like her need to be wiped of the face of the earth, ill make sure I take care of that.

may the stars guide me.



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