Skull & Shackles

Ha! I stole Crow's food!

(He deserved it)

So this pirate gig isn’t that bad so far. I was made an officer! Me! Ha! And poor Kiddo got placed under my command. Kid’s lucky I like him or man would he would be suffering under my rule, especially after that stunt he pulled back in Bloodcove. Still haven’t forgotten that one. Also put under me thumb were the singin’ halfling, that scary looking lady, Crow, and the uh… bee thing. Crow has the permanent position of bilges man and that be fine by me. The captain also named Besmara’s priestess as our navigator and the dwarf as the rigger officer. Lotus is apparently the cook… and maybe the first mate? I’m not sure. There seems to be a bit of confusion on that point. Really though, we all know I should be first mate. I could out shoot the entire crew twice over blindfolded. But I think Lotus might kill me if I get the spot… Tough choices. I’d better play it safe I think, even though I’m obviously the most deserving.

So we’re sailing along, captain picked some island to the south as our destination. Everything seems to be in order, we set up a night watch. During the night though, we were boarded! Sahuagins! Besmara curse the devils! Shivikah, who was on watch, immediately woke myself and the other officers but the uh… bee creature (the other watchmen) stood there and blathered on like an idiot instead of waking the rest of the crew. We fought the bastards till they dropped (I didn’t have my rifle on me, but still managed to bullseye one in the face after borrowing the Captain’s pistol), but they managed to wound one of our crew! Poor, poor Shivikah. In a huge stroke of luck though, turns out we had a stowaway. A healer in fact. The doc saved our crewmembers life so the Captain let ‘em stay on board provided he worked. He did, of course, and Shivikah was given the day off to rest. She spent it fishin’, getting some of us some mighty fine food for the night.

Captain also decided that it was time to bring some discipline to the crew. As punishment for not waking the crew and therefor allowing Shivikah to get hurt, bee man was gagged and strung up along the rigging for the day. It was satisfying. Crow made some off handed comment about talking to him while being punished, so I punished crow by taking away his food and giving it to Shivikah. See a perk of my position is that I’m in charge of handing out the shares of food, rum, and gold. Boy it’s gonna be a lot of fun. Between Crow, Bee Man, and Kiddo there’s way too many people I think I can safely get away with messing with.



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